We need up-to-date images to get the most accurate picture of your current dental health.
The only way to know for sure is to ask your insurance company!
Cavity risk is related to other factors such as genetics and diet.
Chronic gum infection requires a deep cleaning broken down into several stages.
Pans capture things traditional x-rays cannot.
This helps us accurately document your dental problems and treatment.
You may have a deductible due at the time of payment.
That varies from patient to patient.
We can only estimate and send out pre-determinations.
Of course! Call us for details.
Wisdom teeth are at high risk for disease and affecting tooth alignment.
It’s sub-standard practice to do a cleaning without knowing what’s going on below the surface.
We can only figure that out when you come into our office to discuss your coverage.
With thousands of plan possibilities out there, we can’t guess what you’re covered for.
We do all we can to facilitate the exchange between you and your insurance.
This is a protection to our business. We’d be in trouble if we had no way to secure deductibles, etc.

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