Beacon Smiles Helps Calgarians with Free Dental Day

If you are already a patient here at Beacon Smiles then you will know we care about our community. This is why we recently held a free dental clinic to help people who cannot afford dental care.

Providing Essential Dental Care for Calgary Families

Our dental clinic provided free exams, children’s cleanings and tooth removals and our aim was to assist patients who don’t qualify for social assistance. Unfortunately, we have noticed people are struggling to afford even co-pay work, particularly in the current economy. Some people will only visit a dentist every few years or will wait until they develop problems. Good preventative dental care is extremely important as a bad tooth infection can lead to tooth loss and may even affect your general health.

Tackling Tooth Decay in Children                               

Drinking water in Calgary hasn’t been fluoridated since 2011 and childhood tooth decay is becoming more common. This is because fluoride helps to prevent cavities in children who are still eating a lot of sugary and processed foods. It is not always easy to tell which foods are bad for teeth, particularly as many foods that look healthy contain hidden sugars. Dried fruit and cereal bars are just a couple of examples. One way we can help is through educating parents on which foods are best avoided or kept as an occasional treat. By tackling the cause of tooth decay, we can help to lower the levels of childhood caries, reducing the impact of removing fluoride from water supplies.

If you are looking for a dental team that truly cares about their patients, why not give us a call on (587)317-4094. Don’t forget, you can also book online.